Restaurants: South Austin

Whether you've crossed over Lady Bird Lake to go swimming at Barton Springs Pool, to explore South Congress, or to take in the sights at The Cathedral of Junk, you'll be glad to know that the Southside is serving up tasty bites at every corner. Here's a few of our favorite Food Trucks, Taco Joints, and Restaurants for you to feast your eyes (ahem, stomachs) on.


This established sushi spot pumps out decadent, gourmet, fresh fish nightly between 5pm and 10pm. Stick to the traditional sushi for the best experience and let your server choose a couple dishes for you if your daring enough. The Sake Social Hour (aka Happy Hour) is a great deal!

Odd Duck

Odd Duck creators describe their restaurant as "shaped by our craftsmen's approach to cooking, the culture of our city, the creativity of our staff and the products from our amazing farmers." These (local!) farm-to-table meals will make your mouth water as soon as they're delivered by your server. Try one of the cocktails on special, too - crafted to perfection.


This sweet French Bistro seats few (make reservations!) but the French-country décor and the delectable cuisine, made up of a 3-course meal at a very affordable $45, make for an unforgettable night. And if you don't quite have the $45 in your dining out budget, check out the wine garden in Lenoir's backyard for a simple, appetizers-and-wine-filled evening.

Abigail Marguerite

Kind & Brave, 614 South 1st Street, Austin, TX, 78704, USA

Meet the artist and owner behind Kind & Brave. Abby (b. 1990, MA) is a conceptual creative interested in the idea of idolizing imperfection. Dissatisfied with her day-to-day life after a tragic restaurant injury that altered the use of her dominant hand, Abby created the shop to save herself from the frustration and anguish of the injury. "To be Kind and Brave" became her new mantra, lifting her spirits and inspiration to an all-time high. An INFJ personality type, she has passions including essay writing, contour drawing, pie baking, people watching, and overseas traveling. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, favorite sound is rain on rooftops, and favorite body part is the hand.