Garage Entrance


Garage Parking is available for Guild Guests at $20 per night. If you would like to reserve a spot in the garage, please respond to your welcome text message from the Guild staff. Once we process your payment, we'll send you confirmation of your parking spot.

Entrance is located on San Antonio Street between Cesar Chavez Road and 2nd Street.

Park in 'Future Resident Parking'.

Enter "Leasing Center" to retrieve your entry scanner from the security desk.

Return to vehicle and use entry scanner to open gate.
Proceed through gates and drive up to the 7th Floor.

Find any spot not marked 'reserved' on the 7th Floor.
 If you park in a marked 'reserved' spot, you will be towed.

Use your entry scanner to enter the building through the glass doors.

Swipe entry scanner at base of digital elevator buttons. Select the correct range of floors for your room.

Select your correct floor plan. The elevator to enter will appear on the screen with open doors. Please note, the elevator to enter for your floor may not always be the first doors to open.

Upon entering the elevator, your floor number will appear on side panel.

Follow your specific Floor Plate directions to find your unit.

Press 'schlage' button on top of deadbolt keypad to initiate backlit keypad. Enter four-digit rental unit code to obtain access.