Garage Entrance


+ Register for garage parking: available for $20/night.

Parking is available for guests at $20 per night (a steep discount to what the garage charges). You must register your plate with us ASAP after arrival so we can register your car. If your car is unregistered, you may be towed. Please text us at 512-623-7480 to register your plate.

+ Garage Entrance: 535 San Marcos St, 78702

Take a ticket to gain entry into the garage. Keep this ticket on your dashboard. You will need it for your final departure. During your stay, please use your fob to enter and exit the garage.

15 Minute Parking.jpg

+ Park in "Guild" 15-minute TEMPORARY parking

Go down the ramp and turn right. Temporary parking spaces will be on your right, next to the gate. Park in any of these 15-minute spaces.

(These are 15-minute spaces only -- supplied so that you have time to go up to your room and grab your fob, which will let you into the garage).

If you stay longer than 15 minutes in this spot, you risk being towed.

Enter Door 'A': the 'Leasing Center' Entrance

Call elevator (across from record wall) to take you up

+ Enter building access code & take elevator to your floor

As the elevator opens, use the call box to enter the 4-digit building access code (from your welcome text & email). Then, enter the elevator and take it up to your floor.

Exit elevator and follow signage to your room.


+ At your door, enter your room-specific code

Press the 'schlage' button ot backlight your keyless lock pad.

Enter your unique code, which is usually the last four digits of your phone number.

If the code is accepted, you will receive a green check-mark, granting you access.

If a red 'x' flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying your code again.


Grab your Access Fob off the kitchen counter.


+ Return to the garage and head through the gate

Your access fob allows entry into the gated part of the garage.


Turn right and go down the ramp.


+ Park in 'Guild Reserved Parking' spaces

At the bottom of the ramp, make a left. The parking spaces will be straight ahead. Park in any 'Guild Reserved' parking space and return to your room.

If the space you park in is not marked, you risk being towed.


Have a wonderful stay :)