Garage Entrance - BLDNG 1


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+ Park in Building 1. DO NOT PARK BEHIND GATE.

This garage (and your apartment) are in the same building as Lick, Optique, Delicious, and Cantine.
If you park behind the residential gate, you may be towed at your own expense.

+ Or park in Building 3 (Alamo Drafthouse)

Park on any level, 1-6, then take the elevator to floor 1 to exit.

Proceed to street level. (The Boulevard!)

Entrance is located at 1100 S Lamar Blvd, 78704.

Entrance is between Optic Eyewear and Lick Ice creams/Kiki Nass.

+ Look for the blue band. Enter building access code at call box

Look for the iconic "Lamar Union" blue band. Welcome to your rental!
Enter the building access code at the call box. We should have sent the building access code to your email address and through text.

+ Proceed to elevator and take it up to your correct floor.

From the lounge, proceed right, towards the elevators at the back of the lobby. Call one to take you up and select your correct floor.

10B Floor 2.jpg

+ Staying on floor 2? (your room number = 12XX)

If staying on Floor 2, turn right off the elevators, then take a left at the gallery wall.

Need some help finding your unit? Here is a map!

+ Staying on floor 3? (your room number = 13XX)

If staying on Floor 3, your exit off the elevator will be bright and sunny.
Follow the floor plates to your room. Need help? Here's a map to guide the way!

+ At your door, enter your room-specific code

Press the 'schlage' button ot backlight your keyless lock pad.
Enter your unique code, which is usually the last four digits of your phone number.
If the code is accepted, you will receive a green check-mark, granting you access.
If a red 'x' flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying your code again.


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