Street Entrance



Street entrance in The Boulevard is located at 1100 South Lamar Blvd.

5 In between optique.jpg

Entrance is between Optic Eyewear and Lick Ice Creams/Kiki Nass.

Look for the "Lamar Union" blue band. Welcome to your rental!

Enter Building Access Code at call box.

From the lounge, proceed right, towards the elevators at the back of the lobby. Take the elevator to your correct floor.

If staying on Floor 2 (your room number = "12XX"), turn right off the elevators, then take a left at the gallery wall.

Go through the "secret doorway" past the second gallery wall.

Pretend you're in Vegas. Follow the Floor Plate to your room.

If staying on Floor 3 (your room number = "13XX"), your exit off the elevator will be bright & sunny.

Follow the floor plate to your room (while cursing the maze-like architecture).

At your door, press 'schlage' button at top of deadbolt to initiate backlit keypad. Enter your 4-digit unit code to gain access.