Street Entrance


Street Entrance is located at 245 W 3rd St, 78701
(right next to Royal Blue Grocery).


Go straight through the gate and take a right into the elevator port.

Call the elevator to take you "UP".

As the elevator opens, enter the Building Access Code on the Call Box.
Enter the Elevator and choose your correct floor.


When you get off the elevator, follow the Floor Plates to your room.


The property is a big rectangle, so if you think you went the wrong way, no worries - just keep walking; we promise you'll get there eventually!


Find your room number.

At your door, press the 'schlage' button to backlight your keyless lock pad. Enter your unique code, which is the last four digits of your phone number. If the code is accepted, you will receive a green light granting you access.  If a red light flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying again.