friends & neighbors


Adreon Henry

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Find Adreon's beautiful, colorful work in our rooms at Guild Red River.


Breakaway Records

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Breakaway Records are purveyors of vinyl. These guys hand selected the records provided for you in your rooms at the Guild East 6th location! Talk about commitment. 


Claire Zinnecker

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The lovely Claire designed our East 6th location. She has a way of making any room you walk into feel bright and cheerful. Check her out for inspiring home-grown interior design.


Fabian Puente

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Ahhhh, yes, our very own Fabian. This guy? He's a magician-artist. He can conquer anything "Adobe." Recognize the painting? That's because he's created work for over half our rooms in Austin. Plus, he's in a band and wears cool hats. 


Flat Track Coffee

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Long-time coffee roasters, our friends over here know what it takes to make a good cup of jo!



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Meet High Contrast Design House. Emily Basham-Hoelscher and her team, including Honey Thompson, are our design superheroes. Their powers include passion, creativity, and wit. They sprinkle great ideas and sparkles wherever they go.


Hillside Farmacy

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Thoughtfully-sourced eclectic fare. Great people, great food! Hooking Guild-goers up with great specials: 10% off your entire bill.


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Honey Thompson, owner and artist of "Toast Ranch Creations," works closely with Emily Basham-Hoelscher in designing the rooms. Art extraordinaire, Honey creates many of the eclectic pieces you'll find in our rooms. Oh, and your post card you found on the kitchen table? Yeah, that's a print of Honey's genius work, "Toasted Willie".

Kevin Greer 

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Kevin paints stunning, moving, canvases of rich color. You can find his work at our Downtown and Lamar Union locations.


Kind & Brave

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Another one of our own! Abby Dreier is not only our Creative Design Manager, but also operates her business where she creates books, banners, and websites for others. You can find her work throughout our locations in the form of books, banners, prints, and "Guild Tone" canvases.


Lucid Routes

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Your personal curator of best kept secrets, hidden gems, and local hotspots. Lucid Routes helps curate authentic experiences for the luxury traveler.



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This group describes themselves as "purveyors of fun." Eclectic prints and tees.


Travis Norman

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Our man Travis utilizes structures like steel doors and windows to build custom furniture for commercial and residential spaces nationwide.


Tim Doyle

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Tim has the funkiest prints and sickest illustrations. Believe us. You can find his work at Parts & Labour on South Congress in the form of posters, books, and postcards. 


Urban Mattress

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The. Most. Comfortable. Bed. You've. Ever. Slept. On. They're responsibly made and organic, too!


Wiley Ross

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Oh, Wiley! We adore Wiley's eclectic hand. His paintings are placed throughout our Guild Lamar Union location. His work adds a much-appreciated pop of color and brightness to our rooms.