GARAGE Entrance


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+ Say NO to a car tow. REGISTER FOR PARKING...

Parking is available for guests at $20 per night (a steep discount to what the garage charges). You must register your plate with us ASAP after arrival so we can register your car. If your car is unregistered, you may be towed (and we really don't want your trip to Austin to include a trip to the Scenic Tow Yard). Please text us a photo of your license plate at 512-623-7480 to register your car.


+ Park temporarily on the street at 9th & Red River

You'll come back down to move your car in a few minutes.

+ Enter building access code at door to the right

When facing the main entrance, go to the foor to the right of the main lobby. At the call box, enter your building access code (in your welcome text & email message). The door will unlock, granting you access.

+ Proceed through door labeled 'floor 1' & find elevators

You have 30 seconds to get through this door... Go! Go! Go! Make your way to the elevators to the right and take it to your floor.

+ Follow the floor plates to your room

Need help finding your apartment? Here are some maps to help you out!

+ At your door, enter your room-specific code

Press the 'schlage' button to backlight your keyless lock pad.
Enter your unique code, which is usually the last four digits of your phone number.
If the code is accepted, you will receive a green check-mark, granting you access.
If a red 'x' flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying your code again.


Once inside, receive your entry scanner from the counter. 


+ Go back to your car & enter the garage

Head back down the elevator and take it to the first floor. Grab your car and enter the garage on Red River St directly between 9th & 10th street.


+ Park in a Guild-Reserved space (any spot numbered 53-58) on the ground floor

Go straight down the ramp and head left. Keep going to the left until you reach the bottom floor. You'll see a row of "Guild Reserved" Spaces. Park in any of these spaces (#53-58). If you do not park in a Guild-Reserved Space, you risk being towed.


Use the elevator to make your way back to your room.



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