GARAGE Entrance


Find street parking near the entrance. The Entrance is located at the corner of 9th and Red River St.

Enter corridor through door to right. Use Building Access Code to gain entry.

Proceed to door labeled 'Floor 1'. You have 30 seconds... go, go, go!

Make your way to the Elevators to the right, and take it up to your floor.

Follow Floor Plate to your room.

Press 'schlage' button on top of deadbolt to light up keypad. Enter 4-digit rental unit code to gain access to your room.


Once inside, receive your entry scanner from the counter. 


Head back to the elevator and take it down to Floor 1, where you parked your car. Enter the garage. The garage entrance is on Red River St between 9th and 10th St.


Go straight down the ramp and head left. Keep going to the left ("to the left, to the left"... sing Beyoncé as you're driving to put a smile on your face) until you reach the bottom floor and see a row of "Guild Reserved" spaces.


Park in any of the "Guild Reserved" spaces (spots 53-58). If you do not park in a Guild-Reserved space, you risk being towed.


Use the elevator to make your way back to your room.