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+ Entrance located at 3320 Harmon Ave, 78705

Take a left at the stop sign to enter the parking garage.
Please Note, whether you're parking or arriving on foot, you'll be entering through the parking garage.

+ Enter parking garage. If parking, park in any open spot.

Don't be concerned about parking in retail parking. These parking spaces are free to park in.
DO NOT park behind the gate. If you park behind the gate you may be towed at your own expense.

+ Enter building access code to enter door.

Find the door next to the red wall.
At the door, enter the building access code that was provided to you through email and text. The building access code will allow you to gain access inside and will activate the elevator for 30 seconds.

Please note, if the elevator is not allowing you to go up, the access code request may have timed out. You must go outside to re-enter the building access code if this happens. We know; it's a pain! Just know this is the only time you'll have to deal with this. Once you have your access fob (which you'll find in your room), gaining access to & from the building will be much easier.

+ Take the elevator to your floor

Then follow the floor plates to your correct room.
Need help finding your apartment? Here are some maps to guide the way!

+ At your room, enter your room-specific code

Press the 'schlage' button to backlight your keyless lock pad.
Enter your unique code, which is usually the last four digits of your phone number.
If the code is accepted, you will receive a green check-mark, granting you access.
If a red 'x' flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying your code again.


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